Sorry beliebers, he’s not single! After a shocking false report claimed that two split today, Selena Gomez is denying that she has dumped Justin Bieber. I mean… did you see that boy’s “Otis” freestyle on Power 106 the other day? She ain’t leavin’ that swag!! LOL Hit the jump for more details…

Wendy L.


The 19-year-old Disney star’s representation has confirmed to Us Weekly that rumours that the pair split are false.

It was reported earlier today that Selena had called it quits with her boyfriend of eight months.

‘Selena ended it abruptly. She broke the news to Justin just in the past 24 hour,’ a source told website

It was also reported that Justin allegedly vowed to Selena that the accusations were categorically not true.

‘Justin has insisted to Selena that the woman’s allegations are simply not true,’ the source added. 

The source said that Bieber’s representatives also reportedly tried to convince Selena to stand by her man.

‘His camp is in damage control mode and attempting to convince her to stick around in the relationship for a few more weeks, because they fear it will be seen as an admission that something indeed took place between Justin and the woman who is alleging that he’s the father of her baby,’ the source told

Selena’s denial of the split comes as Bieber spoke out about the allegations today.