A grandmother who was a Chicago police officer was stabbed and beaten to death by her 15-year-old grandson after she confronted him for skipping school. This young boy was wilding for respect! There has to be something mentally wrong with this kid to do that to his Grandmother! Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.

Hester Scott, 55, a 25-year veteran of the Chicago police department, found 9th-grader Keshawn Perkins crashed on a couch in the basement of their south side house Friday morning and began badgering him for missing class, prosecutors said, according to the The Chicago Tribune.

The coldhearted teen then attacked his grandmother, pummeling her in the head with a lamp and stabbing her in the head, neck and body with a kitchen knife several times, prosecutors said.

He then wrapped her bloody body in a blanket and dumped it in a sewer trap behind her house, before taking off with her purse, prosecutors charged.

A neighbor spotted the gore-spattered teen dragging something through his backyard and then fleeing, the Tribune said. Perkins was arrested a short time later.

Prosecutors said that Perkins admitted to the savage attack, saying his grandmother had yelled at him for skipping school and he beat her with the lamp “until she shut up,” the Tribune reported.

He was charged as an adult with murder and armed robbery on Sunday and ordered held without bail, according to local reports.

If convicted, he faces a minimum of life in prison because Scott was a police officer.

Perkins was a freshman at Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep, a selective public school in south Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Scott adopted the troubled boy seven years ago after her drug-addled daughter abandoned him and his three siblings.

The boy was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and prone to violent outbursts, the Sun-Times said.

But Scott was dedicated to helping him turn his life around.

“Hester felt so bad about what had happened to her daughter and she was determined to do everything she could for the grandchildren,” her sister, Marlene Scott-Pittman, told the Sun-Times.

Scott’s Facebook page, which showed that she had celebrated her birthday in late October, was flooded with condolence messages over the weekend.

“Can’t stop crying aunty, I’m glad I got to tell u I love u (one) last time!” one mourner wrote.