Well this time I’m not sure, but I wanna say I don’t think So. Yesterday Adobe told the world they will no longer put out or support Flash for Mobile devices(And TV’s Too), mostly because HTML5 is the way the web is moving and there is really no need for Flash with HTML5, as it let’s devices view Video. This kinda puts all devices on an even playing field, But RIM does not want to even the playing field, They want the Advantage, They want to keep Flash on the Playbook! Hit the Jump for the statement.

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In a statement RIM said:

As an Adobe source code licensee, we will continue to work on and release our own implementations. RIM remains committed to delivering an uncompromised Web browsing experience to our customers, including native support for Adobe Flash Player on our BlackBerry PlayBook tablet (similar to a desktop PC browser), as well as HTML5 support on both our BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook browsers. In fact, we are pleased that Adobe will focus more efforts on the opportunities that HTML5 presents for our developers, and shares our commitment to HTML5 as we discussed together at DevCon Americas.

Well at least they are offering HTML5 as well(lol, just in case??) But Apparently Flash is a big part of QNX, which is the base of RIM’s alleged Next Super Smartphone line, that is rumored to be what will save the company(I’ll believe it when I see it!) And If Adobe is going to Support RIM in this endeavor(unlike Google, reading their Support to Blackberry gmail App) then It won’t exactly hurt them, but with the rest of the mobile community focusing ONLY on HTML5, It may not Help either! I will say though, Flash Will give A Real Web Browser Feel on a mobile dvice!