NBC Washington reports that shots have been fired near the White House and that Washington DC streets were shut down after the incident and a police chase. More details after the jump!!

Wendy L.


A possible shooting incident involving a police chase near the White House closed streets in the nation’s capital Friday night. According to reports, shots were fired between two cars on Constitution Avenue between 15th and 17th streets NW, in an area adjacent to the Ellipse and Washington Monument. There are no reported injuries.

According to HuffPost’s Mike McAuliff, a law enforcement source says that the Secret Service saw the incident and put out a description on the two vehicles. One of the cars was abandoned at 23rd Street NW and Constitution Avenue, near the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge and the State Department. An AK-47 was recovered at the scene. Witnesses also reported seeing someone running across the Roosevelt Bridge.

The source does not believe the shots were directed at the White House, speculating that it was probably an issue between the two vehicles.

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama reportedly are not in Washington tonight, but in California.

Constitution Avenue and other streets in the area are closed. According to WTOP’s Mark Segraves: “Police say so far they’ve found no guns or shell casings or any evidence of shots fired other than 911 call and abandoned car.”