Yes Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition is coming Soon(Tomorrow), And I am, a Gaming Freak, But yet I don’t have All the time in the world I need in order to keep up with All of these great games, AND Tech, And This Blog, So I took time out to talk to a couple of friends of mine, So IFWT has a Review of the Gaming scene in 2011, So Hit the Jump How to get a FREE Copy of HALO Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition!!!

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+TatWZA Is one of the Biggest Indie Gaming Sites, Full Reviews on Every game you want in your life, Cool as gaming Events(Like E3 and such), And Podcast!!! I gave them a call Eary this morning to find Out Exactly what’s going on with games like gears of war 3, Battle field 3, Call of Duty 3(Best Buy Situation), Assassins Creed Revelations(3), The NEW Legend Of Zelda, GTA 3(Ten Year Anniversary), GTA 5(Possible Release Date), PS3 Commercial “Like Michael“, NEW Xbox Update, their take on Windows Phone 7, And What you want, How to get your FREE Copy of The NEW HALO!!! So take a listen IF your a gaming fanatic like Us!!!!

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