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There was no hiding from the fact that the Detroit Lions were being humiliated by the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on Sunday. Early in the fourth quarter, there came a point when Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford just couldn’t take it any more. Trailing 37-6, Stafford let his frustration get the best of him after throwing his third interception of the game.

Although it appeared that Chicago’s Tim Jennings was down by contact shortly after snagging the interception, the whistle was never blown and the play continued. Bears cornerback D.J. Moore was blocking Stafford as Jennings ran down the sideline. That’s when Stafford got fed up and pulled Moore down by his helmet. The takedown seemed to go unnoticed by the referees, but Moore took exception to the move. He got up and charged right after Stafford, who was then on the ground near the Lions’ sideline.

All of the sudden, a big pile formed on the 45-yard line and several players from both teams needed to be separated. Moore was ejected from the game. Stafford ended up throwing one more interception after that and the Bears went on to win 37-13.


Suh rips Cutler’s helmet off during tackle:

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