31-year-old Sharon Brabham was not having any criticism that day. She was told her driving sucked and like the title of the post says she tried to kill the man who said it. Thomas Mobley confronted her about her bad driving and immediately gun comes out, and pow! She was caught and charged with attempt murder. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.

Comments about women drivers do not sit well with Sharon Brabham. The 31-year-old is facing an attempted murder charge after shooting at a man because her criticised her driving skills. Thomas Mobley confronted Branham about her ‘reckless driving’ after following her into a Walgreens car park in Walterboro, South Carolina. As he spoke with Ms Brabham, she pulled out a .38 calibre pistol and fired a shot in his direction. The bullet missed but struck a car belonging to a Walgreens employee, denting the vehicle. She has been charged with attempted murder, as well as possession of a firearm in the commission of a violent crime, discharging a firearm within city limits, and malicious damage to a vehicle.