Parents were outraged last week, when former porn star Sasha Grey read to kids as a part of “Read Across America.” This week, parents are upset again after a Hooters waitress spoke to special needs students at the Calvin A. Hunsinger School about her job, saying it sends a bad message. I have to agree with the parents on this one– Sasha Grey was reading to kids so I think that’s different because she was actually helping them but this Hooters waitress was talking to special needs children about her job… Where’s the educational value in that?? Full story the jump & tell us what you think in the comments!

Wendy L.

(HP)–“It’s just the wrong message,” Ashley Dominicci, 32, told the St. Petersburg Times. “I feel like we’re telling them (the students) that you’re the bad kids and this is all you’ll be in life.”

School principal Stephanie Bessette wouldn’t give the paper a comment, but wrote to Dominicci in an email, saying that many waitresses are simply making money so they can pursue other careers.

“Working as a waiter or waitress in order to achieve higher goals should be commended,” Bessette wrote, according to the Times.

Interim superintendent John Stewart told the Times that he didn’t find anything wrong with bringing in the Hooters waitress, saying waitress is “an honorable way to make a living.”