Recently in a studio in Atlanta, Georgia, T.I. previewed five of 45 songs that he’s recorded for his upcoming eighth studio album. During the session, Tip revealed a few of the producers who thus far contributed to the LP that he revealed would be titled Trouble Man. Hit the jump for more!


Tip, who was recently released from a 10-month prison sentence for probation violation, has worked with production duo Two Band Geeks – consisting of Stroud and B. Kang – for the LP, as well as hit-maker Dr. Luke on a song that opens with “dance-pop synths.”

He spoke on another song cut for the project, stating, “I have this one record [titled] ‘Pyro’ that I’m proud of. […] ‘Pyro’ is a straight party record. It’s nostalgic of those crazy nights, early mornings [but] just turned up.”

T.I. also plans to release a new solo song in the next few days, and said that Trouble Man is a representation of where he’s at in his life.

“A lot of times I’m taking myself out of my element,” he explained. “This is the first project where I’m talking about things that I’ve experienced before that I’m not necessarily experiencing now cause I’m not doing a whole lot of partying. I do a little bit but not alot… nothing like when I was in that life.”

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