A five-year-old was handcuffed and charged with battery after allegedly kicking a police officer in the knee. The officer zip tied his hands. Was he a threat to this officer? I’m just not getting why the cop went in on this kid like that.

Michael Davis had his hands tied behind his back with zip ties and was driven in a police car to psychiatric hospital after apparently lashing out at the officer during a meeting at his primary school. Michael had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and his teachers suggested that he meet with a school police officer, Lieutenant Frank Gordo, in the hope that a uniformed presence might curb his disruptive behaviour. According to a police report, Lt Gordo put his hand on Michael’s and “the boy pushed my hand away in a batting motion, pushed papers off the table, and kicked me in the right knee”. The officer said Michael refused to calm down and so his hands and feet were secured with zip ties of the sort used to restrain violence criminals. Without informing the boy’s parents, Lt Gordo drove him in the back of his police car to Stockton Kaiser Psychiatric Hospital for an evaluation. His mother, Thelma, said she “was led to believe that Michael saw a police officer and attacked a police officer on sight,” and only learned that he had been handcuffed several weeks later after reading the report. One charge of battery on a police officer was later dropped by a juvenile court.