The first episode was pretty fair to Kris Humphries…almost depicting Kim in more of a negative light than him. I’m sure that was just a set-up to make Kim look better in the end, though, and I can guarantee we’ll see Kris’ “behavior” get progressively worse throughout the season…all due to the great editors. Poor guy. Even so, he was “extremely disappointed” with just the first episode….so he better get ready. More details about his thoughts below.

Marisa Mendez

The NBA free agent watched the episode in “utter horror, because it’s just not a true depiction about what was actually going on between Kim and Kris,” an insider close to the situation tells “Kris did jokingly say that Kim ate too much wedding cake, but what viewers didn’t see was Kim nagging Kris about working.

“There was nothing he could do about the NBA lockout, he was working out, and getting ready for the upcoming season, and he is a free agent. It was actually Kim’s idea that Kris go back to Minnesota to train and give them some distance. Kris wasn’t getting any sleep at all with Mason’s playroom literally set up outside their bedroom door. It made no sense for Mason’s play area to be on the second floor of the suite Kim, Kris, Scott and Kourtney were staying in. Scott and Kourtney were staying downstairs, and Scott felt that the producers of the show were just trying to provoke him into reactions.”

As previously reported, Kim worked closely with the show producers to ensure she was portrayed in a positive light, and her estranged NBA hubby as a “lazy and insensitive” villain.

“Kris wasn’t surprised that he was made to look bad. He will just be relieved when the show is over, and his divorce is final,” the source tells “Kris is focusing on signing a NBA contract and getting back to work.”