I Hit the G Unit, and  am SO Excited about this, I mean I’m Already a Technology Junkie, and lately there has been a lot of talk about the NEW “Wireless Hybrid Headphones” with Kleer Technology, and I got to put my Hands on em 1st, well after 50 and his Staff of Coarse, But Hit the Jump and let’s get it started!!!!


(Photo’s Powered By Samsung Galaxy 10.1)

OK, let’s get right to it, 1st let’s break the Name down, The “Wireless Hybrid Headphones” are the Sync By 50 Official Title, and that simply means, they are Hybrid cause they are Both Wireless and Wired(I’ll get to that in a sec), and it is pushed by Kleer Technology, which is a competitor to Bluetooth, but with a much stronger bandwidth, so they can go further than a bluetooth connected device, Already Winning!!!
Ok The Homie @MoneyNels set me up at a table in the office, Then He brought out the Goods!!:

Looked throughout the Manual real quick to see what was going on:

Fif has a Message Waiting for you when you Get them!!:

Lossless Sound Wireless Technology(“Kleer Wireless Technology Delivers High-Quality Wireless Audio through a Robust, low-power-consuming 2.4GHz Radio Signal – ideal for listening to portable Devices”) Providing Lossless CD-Quality Digital Stereo Audio:

I Then immediately Went to open the Sync’s for The Box Opening(which the Video of is coming!!), and aside from the headphone, There is the Wireless Dongle, It has a USB port to Charge, and a Button to allow syncing between head phones and it(oh yeah and up to 4 headphones can be connect, sync’d, with 1 dongle):

Then the USB Wire that allows Charging, and it can Charge while Active with Headphones:

And an Airplane Adaptor, for when you take a flight, You can plug in, and Keep the Headphones on while you go to the restroom(as long as some crook doesn’t steal that and the Dongle):

Then @MoneyNels wanted to show me what they Do, So He turned them on, Sync’d them and Plugged them in to his iPhone 4S, and was ready to Rock, just that Quick!!:

While he was listening to a little Mike Jack, He got a phone call and was able to Answer it with the HP’s on:

He then Gave me the Headphones to take a listen to the Quality(Notice the Volume, and track control buttons on the Headphones):

And it was amazing, the Bass quality was Superb, I mean I had to turn the Volume down(which was on the Headphones, as well as the ‘Sync’ Button, if hit once, turns the Bass on & off, But when held down Sync’s the Devices, as I already said):

It was time to test how far you can separate the headphones, So Nels took the iPhone, and I kept the Headphones on, 1st he went 20-25ft, and then even Further, about 45-50ft, Then Further(but I din’t get a pic of the past 50ft), the the Very Cool Nikki Martin(G Unit Records VP of Operations) told me it had a soft range of 50ft, but in the Office it went much further!!:




Then I Used the Track Control to go to the Next Track:

So I just Enjoyed the Music(with the Bass back on) while I flipped through the Manual, and checked out some other Materials on the SYNC’s By 50:


All while 50 kept his eye on us:

 1st let me say, Real talk, these are phenomenal, totally worth Every penny, and I believe they will be the Headphones of 2012!! Giving you every bit of quality of ANY headphone out there, with the Plus of NOT being tangled in wires(you just have to make sure they are charged, which is not that hard considering we already charge most of the things you use everyday), but If you want wires(or you do forget to charge, and don’t have the charger with you) you can just Connect the Wire. I mean they really thought of everything, and When I get the Video up, you’ll see just how much punishment they can take!! Head on over to Pre-Order to get yours BEFORE THEY ARE SOLD OUT!!!

I’m Telling You, You Want these!!!!!!!

 If there is Ever a Buzz/Hum in the left Channel, it’s just that the 3.5mm jack is not fully connected, which we all mistakenly do from time to time.

The 2.4GHz radio Connection gives the device 16 channels to choose from with Auto connection, So you will always have great connection no matter where you are!!


So Be Prepare to learn about the “Street By 50” Wired Headphones, and Video for the ‘UnBoxing’ of the “Sync’s”!!!!!