When we say Smartphones we definitely think Apps, But as Smartphones get smarter, so should Apps, But is it that better apps make the Smartphone smarter, chicken and the Egg I guess, But hit the Jump so you can See just how smart Voxer is!


So apparently, this App can really do a lot, I see it doing everything except Video, but since it connects with your Facebook account as well, who knows how the Skype/facebook feature may work out down the road, but for now Voxer is where it’s at I mean you can sen instant voice messages, and see them as they come in, only thing better would be to Skype, or Video G-Chat, or Hangout, but if you can’t do that, then you need to Voxer!!
I’m having a Convo(I know that’s Not a word) right now!!! Just make sure you tap and hold to talk, if your in that convo, you’ll hear it as it comes in, but if not, it will keep til you get to it!!

* Works over WiFi, 3G and any other data network
* Does not use your voice or SMS plans
* Connect with your Facebook friends who have Voxer instantly
* Push notifications for new messages and for new friends joining you
* Play voice messages faster
* Share your Location with friends
* Create voice and text messages even without network connectivity. Your messages will be sent as soon as you reconnect

On iPhone:


On Android: