Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

Googling the term “pole dancing” is more often associated with teenagers ogling a computer screen than getting inspired. But Jenyne Butterfly is aiming to change that, most recently with her YouTube video “BEST Pole Dance Ever,” currently at 150,000 hits and climbing every minute.
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The salacious name might be what makes you click, but the jaw-droppingly impressive acrobatics is what will make you stay.
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Watching the video is like entering a whole new world, not just thanks to Butterfly’s moves, but the options that crop up on the right side of the page. Were you aware there were contests called Miss Pole Dance Alberta and the World Pole Sport Fitness Championships? Or, for that matter, that pole dancing is called “vertical dance” by a pretty significant population? Neither were we.

The popularity of Butterfly’s performance couldn’t come at a better time, as members of the Pole Fitness Association renew their attempts to have pole dancing recognized as an Olympic sport for the 2012 London Games. Likening the skills required to gymnastics, the group has gathered a petition with more than 6,000 signatures.