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Oh don’t get me started! Big game for my Gmen and you know the sh*t talking comes right along with it. Go ‘head Cowboys, talk that talk – but watch who wins in the end #BIGBLUE!  Shout to @DJJUANYTO – Game on Buddy Boy!

DeMarcus Ware has a simple theory about Justin Tuck.
To the Dallas Cowboys’ pass-rusher, Tuck is nothing more than a desperate wannabe. And every time Tuck trashes the Cowboys, every time he talks about how much he “hates” Dallas and how he thinks Cowboys Stadium a dump, Ware feels a sense of pity for the struggling Giants defensive lineman.

“He says that because maybe he wants to play here,” Ware told reporters in Irving, Tex., on Wednesday. “Everybody wants to play for the Cowboys. If I wasn’t playing for the Cowboys I would call it that too, because I want to play for them.”

Get out your popcorn and get ready for the annual war of words between the Dallas Cowboys and the Giants. The two NFC East rivals will clash at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday night, but the verbal battle between both squads has already begun.

It started Wednesday, with the Cowboys slamming Brandon Jacobs and Tuck’s apparent Cowboy envy.
Corner Mike Jenkins who got it going, saying Giants big back Jacobs was nothing more than a big “bully.” And then there was Ware, the NFL’s sack leader, daring to accuse Giants defensive team captain Tuck of wishing for his very own Texas star-emblazoned helmet.

The Giants weren’t around to respond to the comments – their locker room had closed an hour or so earlier – but they likely were expecting this. The rivalry between both teams has long been fierce, and the two targets of Dallas’ trash talk – Jacobs and Tuck – are usually vocal about their general disdain for all things Cowboys.

Jacobs said years ago that he grew up hating the Cowboys, and he once slammed Dallas franchise QB Tony Romo, saying he was “not a good passer, to be honest with you”. And has a year ever gone by when Tuck hasn’t ripped the Cowboys before a visit to Dallas?

Both players have helped fuel the Giants to two straight wins over the Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium, but Ware hopes to end that run this year. Big Blue comes for the Cowboys’ “manhood” whenever it comes to Dallas, he said, but they will leave empty-handed this time.

“I hate anytime we play them,” Ware said. “It’s just not the Giants, because guess what, the team is trying to come in here and take your manhood. So it don’t matter who you’re playing.”

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