It’s open season on rumors concerning the upcoming Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman. With Maybach deader than disco, the German automaker is undoubtedly searching for a suitable ultra-luxury competitor to the likes of Bentley and Rolls-Royce, and we’ve already head that may translate into the resurrection of the legendary Pullman name.

Funk Flex

Autobild reports the vehicle will span a little over 21 feet in length and get its power from a smooth 650-horspower V12 engine. The publication isn’t calling out any sources at the moment, but the article claims there will be a total of six versions of the Pullman when the model debuts and that each of them will ride on the Mercedes-Benz rear-wheel architecture.

Buyers who don’t need enough power to pull down a house will be able to purchase a four-cylinder turbo-diesel variant with a more modest 204 horsepower, and Autobild reports Mercedes-Benz is currently working on two hybrid variants, as well. Of course, with no sources names in the article and the Pullman so far from production, we’d advise taking everything here with a land-yacht sized grain of salt. Head over to Autobild for a look at a rendering of the vehicle.