There are many number of ways you can support your country’s athletes heading into the Olympics. You could watch them on television. You could follow them to the site and get tickets for your favorite events. You could buy and wear some official team apparel. But if you’re BMW, none of that will do. No, you’re going to do some hooning. Something that involves, say, pulling donuts on the beach in a twin-turbo super-sedan.

Funk Flex

That’s just what the Bavarian automaker, which acts as official automotive partner (read: car sponsor) for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, has done to promote its participation and support the athletes. Which is fine by us, because it gives us the opportunity to watch… a twin-turbo super-sedan pulling donuts on the beach. Or to be more specific, the new M5 at the hands of stunt driver Wolfgang Weber at Pendine Sands in Wales.