Before becoming America’s most hated judge, it has emerged that singer and X Factor USA’s Nicole Scherzinger was held at gunpoint with choreographer Brian Friedman during a trip to Mexico back in October. More details after the jump!

Wendy L.

The 33-year-old star was unharmed but left shaken by the ordeal earlier this year as she travelled in a bullet proof SUV vehicle.

Friedman told Star magazine: ‘We were held at gunpoint.

‘People next to our cars… there were M16s and Berettas!’

He said they were not harmed, but added: ‘Nicole cursed me with this trip.

‘It was the craziest adventure ever!’

Scherzinger was on her way to a video shoot for her latest single Try with Me.

The incident took place back in October as the singer and her video film crew travelled through the mountains to the Xilitla rainforest.

It is thought the gunmen were a local gang.