I was in KissFM stressing this Beautiful Woman(no Names necessary, cause she isn’t in to me like that) and I ran across this device meant to save lives, and by lives I do mean Battery Life, and they plan on doing it With a Solar Powered Emergency Radio, and Arm Power if you need it, Hit th Jump on the Ipso Facto.


A business venture between Red Cross and eTon, the MicrolinkFR160, a “Safety Preparedness Radio with USB Cell phone Charger and Crank-Powered & Solar Powered” Device, that could possibly save your life, and this time I mean Life, what if something Happens, the Power goes out(cause a maniac cuts the power), and you need to make an important call(911), but your phone battery is dead(and you’re about to be), you can whip this puppy out(after letting it charge in the Sun Prior), and Plug it up to your phone, and if you didn’t charge it(Solar), there is a hand crank(Wind Up), the amount of cranks it takes to Boot a phone up, you will be strong enough to defend yourself(or get murdered from being Tired), Just a Life Saver(as long as you’re prepared). Ok let’s Tour the Microlink:

Fresh in the Box;

The Crank just in case your solar power isn’t stored up;

The is the Solar Cell on top of the radio;


The front of the Radio, the switcher is the Control of the Device, if you switch it all the way to the right(cell), you can use the the USB charger, and all the way to the left you can use the Radio;

Click the button on the Top for the light;

There is a back up battery installed in the bottom, but you can not take it out unless you unscrew the panel;

And the kicker is, you can charge your Mobile through the Microlink, but unless the Solar is charged, the Hand crank will hurt your arm trying to get a phone charged, SO the Solar is key for this;

$40 at Walmart