I recently posted on this App called “Path“, and I got an email about “Path 2”, but, did I get it before the App, or update to the App is ready?? Hit the Jump.


I got this email, included with the Video:

Path – Introducing Path 2 from Path on Vimeo.

But here’s the issue, when I looked it up in the Android Marketplace, there is only the 1st Path, and No update, Yet at least, Did they send this thinking I should be looking out for it, or are they just promoting the App I already have, I mean all of the things she mention in the Video(above), I can already Do! I will say I like Path, and use it almost daily, and I was told I will only able to have 150 friends to share my path with on the App, so my ‘circle’ of ‘friends’ will stay small, which could lead to person digital fulfillment!! Stay Tuned I guess.