This may very well be an “Anther Reason People Chase The American Dream” to own a phone that is $50,000 because it’s made with gold, sapphire crystals, and ONLY 30K made, But not because it’s cutting edge Tech, But high the Jump to see the specs we have!


This Is the “Grand Premiere”, The little Buttons are 18k gold(totaling a little more than 5ounces), but it feels like the body is gold Too, and the etching is where the Crystals come in, and although we don’t know insides(like processor and what not), we do know it’s pushing a symbian OS, which is NOT Clean. For 50K I would want the top of the line in OS’s, I mean it is an App world, and Symbian is Not the App-friendly device you can go bragging about, but then again, If you brag about a $50K phone, You WILL Get JACKED
But if you got it like that, Hit the Source link!!