Well there are allegedly a couple Of Prospects, but here’s a clue(til you hit the Jump), ‘Softberry’ or ‘Kiaberry’ or ‘Samberry’ or ‘Beatsberry’, Did that help???


Ok if you didn’t pick up on what could be happening here, let me break it down, ‘Allegedly’ RIM has had some suitors as of lately, In a report to WSJ, Microsoft and it’s NEW partner Nokia may make a joint bid for the damn near defunct company, but there is also word that Samsung is looking with pretty eyes at them, and HTC(even though they may not be able to sell in the US) may put a bid in as well. Who knows who will be the Purchase, but it is very Clear RIM is looking to make a definite change, RIM’s co-CEO Jim Balsillie recently suggesting that “no stone” would be left unturned in a bid to turn the corner, that corner being getting them bailed out of being a sinking ship. There is a couple of ways they could dismantle, for instance, they could just try to ‘license’ to a manufacturer, or just sell a majority of shares and let one them make the decisions, either way “A Change Gone Come” for the once Mighty Canadian Company. I’ve said it before(cause I’ve been saying for months RIM is gonna sell), what if your Blackberry had Android, or Windows 8?? Better yet, even though they are not in the running as of right now, what if a Blackberry came with iOS???? That could be Dope!! I’ll keep you abreast of the situation as it happens.