We’ve all seen some crazy Christmas decorations, but these aren’t just crazy they are pretty inappropriate! A few decorations that made the list were unintentional but others were done on purpose and probably shouldn’t have been. Check out what made the list after the jump.


1. …Because the walls are paper thin and His roommate can hear everything.

2. Yuletide Tumescence

3. Fallen Angel

4. This year, Christmas fights back.

5. He got your letter!

6. They really shook things up at the Springfield Mall Santaland this year.

7. The Origin Of Rudolph

8. Overcompensating Elf

9. It was either this or the wintry fake vomit

10. Eli Roth’s “Santa”

11. How to let people know you’re the “funny” neighbor.

12. If the Internet invented Christmas

13. How to let people know you’re the “psychotic” neighbor