Nasty!! Antonio Munoz says his home had never had an insect problem until a Comcast associate installed a cable box in his parents’ bedroom Friday. Shortly after the installer left his home, Munoz says he saw cockroaches crawl out of the box, which he believes had been previously used. Full story after the jump!!


You don’t know where this equipment came from,” he told the Aurora Beacon-News.

Munoz says that after several days of unhelpful phone conversations, he brought the cable box and the roaches to the Comcast office, but was again stalled by representatives, who told him he would have to set up a second appointment with another installer to get a new box, CBS Chicago reports.

A representative for Comcast told CBS that Munoz has since received a new box, and an apology from the cable company.

Munoz’s claim comes as the company faces larger allegations of similar incidents, which residents of the city’s South Side say disparately affected minority customers, NBC Chicago reports. A class-action suit filed in late November claims that supervisors at Comcast’s facility on E. 112th St. instructed technicians to install defective or roach-infested cable boxes and created a “hostile” work environment.