I am satifisted with his products alone so I will not be copping this. But if you are interested in having a Steve Jobs action figure for your home check out the details after the jump.

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The Verge’s Joseph L. Flatley seems to agree with my assessment — though he prefers to describe the action figure as “pretty awesome” yet almost “Uncanny Valley-creepy.”
Flatley reports that the 1:6 scale figure will be distributed by a company called DiD Corp., cost a hundred bucks (plus shipping) once it becomes available in February, and have some remarkable characteristics. Creepily remarkable characteristics, that is:

The company wants you to take note of [the action figure’s] “piercing eyes of soul” that will “always remind you to stay hungry, stay foolish and to follow your heart in the limited life.”

I dont know how I feel about a action figure piercing my soul but to each its own. Make sure you stay on top of this if you are interested because they are bound to sell out quickly.