A driver in Washington was arrested after being pulled over with a skeleton in his car. The skeleton, which was plastic, was in a hooded sweatshirt and strapped in the passenger seat to make it appear like a real person. Although he had the skeleton, the driver still didn’t have enough passengers in the vehicle to drive in the lane. Read more after the jump.



A Washington motorist was busted for making a boneheaded decision — he put a skeleton in the passenger seat so he could drive in the HOV lane.

A state patrolman made the grim discovery after pulling over driver Bryan Stime for alleged aggressive driving through Kent on Dec. 20, TV station KING 5 reports.

Although Stime used the carpool lane, the only companion in his silver Mazda was a green skeleton outfitted in a white sweatshirt — a violation of the rules for commuting in the high occupancy vehicle corridor, a Washington State Patrol release said.

Stime admitted he broke the rules, but told KING 5 that it was practically a matter of life and death.

“It’s a heck of a commute,” he told the station about his 45-mile drive each way to work. “Since my commute was so bad, I started thinking — blow up doll, mannequin?”

But Stime didn’t stop at sneaking into the HOV lane. The highway patrol also claims that he drove at 82 mph and made several unsafe lane changes.

He was fined $454, including $124 for the skeleton-related charges.