In a sit down with HipHopDX, Bad Boy’s newest signee French Montana confirmed that Kanye West did in fact try to sign him…just hours before he made his deal with Diddy official. But the Coke Boy isn’t worried, though. He’s confident he’ll make millions of dollars over at the house that Diddy built. Read some excerpts from the interview below.

Marisa Mendez

On Saying He’d Never Sign Under A Rapper:
[Diddy] is a billionaire. Let me brush shoulders up with a billionaire. Let me make a quick 300-500 million. If you’re smart enough, you might make more than that. I don’t look at Puff as a rapper. I look at him as a brand. He’s gonna guide me in the right way, let me know where the money’s at. He’s got time. He’s hands on with everything. He be on top of everything all the time. I felt comfortable. I just felt comfortable and didn’t care what people were saying.

On Kanye:
Nah, he was trying to sign me. Every label was trying to sign me before I got with Puff. So that goes to tell you that I was really comfortable with what he had on the table for me.

On signing Uncle Murda to Coke Boys:
Me and [Uncle Murda] is talking. Definitely, he’s like my brother. So I definitely want him in the movement. We’ll pull it together.

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