This may Very well be the Next Big Thing in Social Networking! It’s Not just an App, it’s also on the Web at, besides iTunes, and Android Marketplace. Hit the Jump for the Full view!


Ok a couple people started asking me about this, so I figured I’d check it out, and found it to be Very interesting! 1st I looked up where I could get it, and found out that it’s an App on iOS and Android, which is a good Start, because a lot of Apps Start in iOS, then eventually get Android, but Android is Growing SO fast! Then I also found it has a Web version you can Login to, and actually use, including uploading Video, or even Shooting a Video through your Webcam, ok I’m liking it More and More. Let’s get started:

1st you want to Sign Up(NOT Login through Twitter/facebook), or look around without an Account:

If you do get an account, your page will look like this:

Now some of the Basics, If you click on the tout camera button(see Previous Pic) and this Screen:

From there you can upload a video from your Device Camera/Library, if you click Video Camera, you will see some of the same options; like the Library, or you can hit the Record Button/Hit “tout it”(which will record a tout), You only get 15 seconds per tout, in which a counter will countdown for you:

Once you have touted, you can add Title, Tag, Hook up your Sharing options(like Twitter/facebook, or contacts??), Delete the post, review it, or go ahead and upload:

Once you upload, you can see the progress of the upload in the Queue:

Ok so Now you have a tout in your system, lets go back, remember this page, well you can go and watch other touts by hitting ‘Browse’, or go to your touts by hitting ‘My’, or tout again:

If you hit ‘Browse’, you can See today’s tout’s:

If you see a tout you like, you can RT it, but it’s NOT Retweet it, it’s retort it:

Or while in ‘Browse’, you can go to ‘Popular’ and see what touts are getting the most attention(like The President of UFC Dana White):

Or Popular post cause of the content, like Tracy Morgan in an interview(But Jill Martin is NO slouch):

Even Dr. Oz is getting it popin on on TOut:

Now say you hit someones Profile(like Dana Whites), you can Follow them, See their followers, or following’s, RT one of their touts, Reply to there tout, Share it(Twitter/facebook/contacts), OR like the tout:

Or you can go back and find some cute girls(if you’re into that), and if you do, follow her, like this one you can see her touts and if she Retouted someone like this cutie, it will be on her page, and if you retout a tout, it will be on your page too(p.s. I followed her):

Other people can show you a good way to use tout(PLEASE NO RAPPERS), like how Wendy did here:

Now I did most of that over a couple of days, So now my page looks a little Differently, I’m proud to say, so come by and find me on TOut:

In fact I made a little song about it, like to hear it, here it goes:


Oh did I mention this is the App Shaq announced his retirement on(this and twitter), But it seems to be growing, cause Shaq has over 11k Followers!!



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