Apparently there was an issue with A certain Type of Cupcake, but you’ll have to Hit the Jump to see which Cupcake you shouldn’t pack up when taking a flight -_-


Ok I put that face is cause really you shouldn’t pack a cupcake(Pause), but Someone tried to board a plane with a Cupcake in a Jar, and it violated the TSA’s No liquid or gel over 3 Ounces, so they pulled it, and for future trips “Cupcake in a Jar is No Bueno, BUT another Cupcake company called “The Silver Spoon Bakery” has come up with a fast solution, with the “TSA compliant cupcake”. At $4 a pop you can get your flavored Cupcake with like 4 ounces of Icing In a Clear baggy and a Boarding Pass!! This is just Crazy, just get your cupcake when you land fan, and stop making stuff complicated!!!!