With the acquisition of Tyson Chandler to complete the New York Knicks “Big Three” , there were high hopes about how well the Knicks would do this season.  Unfortunatley that is not the case and Knick fans are less than amused.  Read more after the jump.

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Ask any Knick fan what’s wrong with the Knicks and you’re guaranteed to get a few different answers, but one theme that seems to resonate amongst them all is “fire D’Antoni”.  The Knicks head coach has become the prime target as to why the Knicks are doing so horribly.  Terrible player rotation, trivial offensive sets, and of course NO DEFENSE.  D’Antoni however should not be the only fall guy, apparently Amare Stoudemire has forgotten the role of a big man and is also struggling offensively.  Tyson Chandler hasn’t been much help either although he is starting to attack the boards.  Melo for the most part has been a one man show, but he too goes cold.  The rookie Iman Shumpert has proven to be a viable asset, very defensive minded but at times forgets there’s other Knicks on the court.

Many changes need to be done as non-playoff teams come to the Garden and put up career highs.  The Milwaukee Bucks came to the Garden last night and not only got their first road win of the season, but destroyed the Knicks while doing so, beating them 100-86 and raising the losing streak to 5 games.  Brandon Jennings put up a crazy 36 points, yes the guy who we passed up in the draft and picked Jordan Hill instead.  Knicks fans let them have it last night chanting “Fire D’Antoni”, “Phil Jackson”, and “Lets Go Giants” (sidenote *prays the Giants win tomorrow*).  D’Antoni knows the heat is on him and in response to the chants he said, “I don’t blame them.”  “Half my family is probably doing that. That goes with the territory.  We’re not playing well.”  Thank you for acknowledging that, now do something about it!