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Jim Irsay has two tickets to the big game for whoever has the correct answer to a burning question…and he even gives you a hint!  Check it out after the jump…

Want to see the Patriots and Giants play at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis?

All you have to do is correctly guess the next head coach of the Colts. Say what?

Earlier this year, the Colts fired coach Jim Caldwell after a 2-14 season spent entirely without star quarterback Peyton Manning, who was out with a neck injury.

Team owner Jim Irsay announced via Twitter Tuesday morning that he will give away two Super Bowl tickets to someone who correctly predicts the team’s next head coach.

Predict new Indianapolis Colts Head Coach,win 2 Super Bowl Tics! 1 guess only,u must guess by midnight tonight EST,Abby’s hatpick! GOOD LUCK—
Jim Irsay (@JimIrsay) January 24, 2012

Good guesses for the next Colts head coach include former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel and Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano.

Irsay did offer a hint, though. Actor Rob Lowe, who recently “announced” that Manning will retire (Manning has not retired yet), will not be the team’s next coach.

If you predict Rob Lowe,I’ll have to hunt you down like a rabid rat in the dark night and tease your kin and soak ur shoes n salted waters!—
Jim Irsay (@JimIrsay) January 24, 2012