Something smelled funny at a bank in France, and it turned out to be the rotting corpse of a possible burglar. Maybe he should not have ate that bagel with cream cheese in the morning or that steak sandwich that night. Can you imagine what he was thinking when he realized “i’m stuck, it’s over.” Click below to find out more.


Workers at the Credit Foncier bank branch in the city of Lyon had been complaining of a rank smell since September, Britain’s The Telegraph reported.

One employee got so fed-up that he decided to track it down, and came across the body on Monday in an air vent.

Firefighters and plumbers were working to widen the shaft in order to remove the badly-decayed remains in one piece, the Telegraph said.

Authorities said they weren’t certain how the man got up there.

“It may be the body of an unlucky burglar who got stuck,” local prosecutor Marc Desert told the Telegraph. “But it could also perhaps be that of a homeless man seeking shelter.”