If you use Google Earth to Visit Places you’ve never Been, It just got a little more exciting, Hit the Jump for your Example.


Straight from the Google Earth Blog:

The Google Earth globe is made from a mosaic of satellite and aerial photographs taken on different dates and under different lighting and weather conditions. Because of this variance, views of the Earth from high altitude can sometimes appear patchy.

Today, we’re introducing a new way of rendering imagery that smoothes out this quilt of images. The end result is a beautiful new Earth-viewing experience that preserves the unique textures of the world’s most defining geographic landscapes—without the quilt effect. This change is being made on both mobile and desktop versions of Google Earth. While this change will appear on all versions of Google Earth, the 6.2 release provides the best viewing experience for this new data.

You can See the Enhancement of the Earth(Before’s and After’s):

Here is What the 3D Modeling Looks Like:

And Here is How the Directions To your Favorite Spot:

Definitely A Great Improvement, Thank Goog!!!

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