Apparently, Cellphones are not overly popular in North Korea to Begin with, since only 1 Million People(5% of the Country even have Cell Phones)….Hit the Jump/


But if you are one of the 1 Million, I dot care if you’re Starving with you Fam and Soldiers are beating you Grandmother(if that were to happen), You BET NOT dare Pull out a Cell Phone for not a Damn reason, or they’ll be put on the same stage with Nazi’s, Serbian and African Gentrification-ist, and other Dastardly Dudes that go to trail after a WAR, New version of the background singing in “Strictly Business” by EPMD….”Don’t text from your phone or you might get Shot”, You know what part that is, At least not until they stop Mourning the late leader Kim Jong-il(Not affiliated with ILL Will Records), and That is what the Current Leader, Il’s Son, Un, has decreed, so we’ll see, cause I can’t imagine hime wanting the word on how BAD N. Korea is doing to get out even after the 100 day period -_-

But this is good Anytime of the Day: