Last Thursday President Obama sang a little Al Green at the Apollo Theater and since then Al’s sales have been bumped up by 490%. “Let’s Stay Together” sold 16,000 downloads this week alone. Read more after the jump.


Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” got a sales boost last week from an unlikely source — President Barack Obama.

A video of the president singing the first line of the song at a Jan. 19 fund-raising event went viral the next day, sparking a 490% weekly sales increase for the song. It sold 16,000 downloads in the week ending Jan. 22 according to Nielsen SoundScan.

It’s the best sales week for the song since SoundScan began tracking downloads in 2003.

The fundraiser took place at New York’s Apollo Theater, where Green was also making an appearance. As Obama took to the stage, he noted Green’s presence in the room and surprised the crowd (and his aides) with a bit of his crooning.