The Orlando Magic looked frustrated and like they didn’t even want to play when they took a 93-67 beating from the New Orleans Hornets on Friday night.  Dwight Howard wasn’t too happy about their performance and had some harsh words for his team.  Since he’s strongly considering leaving the team, I suggest they listen up or maybe they think its too late.  Read more after the jump.

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Despite whether or not Howard is leaving, the Orlando Magic were doing quite well and are over the .500 mark, so I don’t see why they would begin to play as if they don’t care.

Magic star Dwight Howard says if his teammates should stay home or in the lockeroom if they don’t want to play hard.

“Looked like guys didn’t want to play,” he said. “I told them at halftime, if you don’t want to play, just stay in the lockerroom. It doesn’t make sense for a teams we should beat to just demolish us.

“You bring everything down,” Howard said, referring to a player who isn’t playing with heart and soul.

“It hurts me to get out there and play your hardest. I expect everybody to play the same. I’m not calling anybody out by no means because we all have to get better … but if you don’t want to be out there, don’t dress up.

“If you don’t want to play, stay home. People work too hard. I want to win a championship. I work too hard every night for anybody to not want to go out there and play hard. … None of the — whatever, trade stuff — none of that stuff matters. Play basketball. That’s why we all get paid to do this, because we love the game and it’s basketball, so why not give it your all.”

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