These girls…especially this one…should be worried about way more things like taking care of their children and making sure their ever-mounting court fees are paid for, rather than getting ridiculous tattoos like “YOLO”! That phrase will be played out in a matter of months. Teens these days. Find out which Teen Mom is sporting the new ink below.

Marisa Mendez

To show just how determined she is to turn her life around, the reality star, along with boyfriend Gary, got the acronymous life mantra tattooed on the upper part of her chest. “Jenelle and Gary decided to get the ‘Y.O.L.O.’ tattoo in honor of the Drake song by the same name,” Evans’ manager, Leo Daniels, told E! News. “They are enjoying themselves and Jenelle is doing much better after cutting out all the negative people in her life. She only wants positive people in her life now. No more drama and no more drugs. Jenelle is focusing on [son] Jace, school and her man, Gary.”