It would be hard to think that the Late Great Mr. Jobs was out here Not using what he was out here Selling?? That would be kinda Crazy, But Still wouldn’t have any consequences on the Fact that it Still Ushered in the MP3 Era, and one of the Top Selling Non-Mobile Devices of all time, But hit the Story to see who said What!


Actually Legendary Musician Neil Young from “crosby, Stills, Nash”(I know, Prob before your time, But they were Epic at some point), Told a Digital Conference, Mr. Jobs Did not like the compression of the Files that MP3’s have, So he used vinyl, Yes vinyl, which is a medium that only survives in limited Record shops, certain clubs, a few Radio Stations, And in a Bunch of Basements where collections are Held but Not used. Well Steve apparently Loved Hi-Fi aka High-Frequency, and only that vinyl will give you that, Not CD’s, Not Cassette Tapes, Not Dat’s, Maybe Reel to Reel, But Only vinyl Has it For Sure.
But Neil was at the Conference to tell people he was working on a New Format that would be 20 times the Clarity of MP3’s, which would be much closer to vinyl. According to Young, he and Steve were working on this together, But with out any other Proof, I just Don’t know. Also Problem is File Size will be so Crazy, that a 64Bit iPod might only hold a few records, to Some Albums, so they would have to either figure out how to Compress those unCompressed files, or your iPod will have to be the size of say…a Piece of vinyl -_-

Ironically enough, I made the Pic above with an iPod