Donald Trump has somehow managed to create a circus once again. The real estate mogul will endorse Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Las Vegas. Click below to read the rest.


The pending announcement comes after media organizations initially reported Trump would back Newt Gingrich.

“The Apprentice” host created a frenzy on Wednesday when he said he’d make a “major announcement” on the presidential election.

Trump’s backing would bring a flood of media attention to Romney, who easily won this week’s Florida primary.

It would also come just days before Nevada’s Republican caucuses on Saturday.

According to a new Las Vegas Review poll, Romney leads Gingrich in the Silver State by a substantial 20 points.

But does Trump’s support even matter or help?

Maria Cardona, a Democratic strategist, said the endorsement could backfire on Romney, a multimillionaire who has faced criticism that he’s out of touch with ordinary Americans.

“I think on the heels on Romney’s unfortunate comment yesterday about not being concerned about the very poor, having one of his colleagues in the 1% endorse him does not give middle class or working class families any comfort that Romney is someonewho would fight for them,” said Cardona.

She added that she doesn’t think Trump, who has flirted with running for President as a third party candidate, matters in the long run.

“Nobody really takes Trump seriously,” said Cardona.