Leaks that lead to Rumors usually pleague Apple close to a Release, but this has always been a Good problem for Apple. Thing is sometimes the leak is something they are thinking about, or working on for future products and the rumor mill associates them with products getting ready to drop, But I don’t think that is the issue here, hit the Jump!


From the one and only BGR’s site, exposed internal document shows 4 Processors, and the possibilities of 2 different Models. That is not a surprise but according to BGR(And I totally believe him) that the 2nd model is for LTE, which we know means 4G in the U.S. Also there is apparently an A6 chip, which is an upgrade from the current A5 in the iPad 2. All this really means is the iPad 3 is gonna be the BEST Tablet Out(No Surprise) and will continue to crush to comp. and it feels like it means we will be seeing it Soon!!