An alleged “ex-publicist” of Amber Rose has been making his rounds on the media circuit, claiming he once worked for Amber Rose and she not only owes him tons of money, but she stole from Kanye and he (the “publicist”) should be credited for their break-up, since he’d alerted Ye of the stealing. By the way, this guy has a book to promote, so that should answer your questions of the validity of his statements right there. Amber has responded to the claims and naturally, she’s not pleased. Read her statement below.

Marisa Mendez

“Aaron (His real name) Aka Janero has Never worked for me he is a fraud & a liar he is simply trying to sell some type of Doc [documentary] to benefit himself,” Amber Rose said in a statement.

Amber, also took on Janero’s claims that she owes him at least $20,000 in commission, from her appearance in Kanye West’s “Robocop” video.

“Margo Wainwright from Def Jam Discovered me in NYC in the beginning of 2009 and she helped me start my modeling career,” Amber revealed. “I now have my Lawyers involved regarding his ridiculous allegations & Slander. I have never been a thief nor a liar. I actually find this quite funny that girls who are working with him have his back thru all of this.”

Amber warned other aspiring models about Janero Marchand’s allegedly flawed business practices.

“If he can do this to me (Someone he has never worked for) what makes you think he wouldn’t do it to you?” she asked. “This is the Price of #FAME but I will continue to promote positivity, have a smile on my face a keep pushing forward.”