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If you bet TV cameras would capture Peyton Manning in a luxury box during the game, you lost.  Betting on the Super Bowl is almost as popular as the game itself. Most folks are content to pick a winner and cross their fingers, but others like their bets to be a little more, well, obscure.

These wagers, known as prop bets, can cover everything from how long a singer will take to finish the national anthem to who will score the game’s first points.

Jeff DeLuca of the Yahoo! Contributor Network listed some of the strangest prop bets before the game kicked off. Here are some of the results:

Did Kelly Clarkson take too long to sing the national anthem? According to Bovada sportsbook, Clarkson went over 1 minute, 34 seconds, which was the betting line cutoff. However, another source (unofficially) timed Clarkson at 1:33.81.

One could also bet on whether or not Clarkson would forget a word (she did not) and whether she would show her belly while singing (she did not).

Another popular bet: What color Gatorade would be dumped on the winning coach? The answer appeared to be “clear or water.” If you bet on that, good for you, but you probably didn’t get very good odds.

What about Eli’s big brother, Peyton? If you bet that television cameras would capture the Colts quarterback relaxing in a luxury box while watching the game, you were out of the money. By our count, Peyton was shown exactly zero times. In fact, we’re not even sure if he was at the game.

Say you were more interested in what would happen after the game? You could place a bet on whether the Dow Jones would rise or fall Monday. It fell, but not by much.

And then there was the halftime show. Folks who bet that Madonna would wear something on her head were happy to see her with a Thor-like helmet. But anyone who bet that the Material Girl would wear a Super Bowl jersey was out of luck and ended the day a few bucks lighter.

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