SMH, a 74-year-old grandma was convicted of selling Marijuana! Noelene Edwards was caught with weed in her bag by a drug-sniffing dog and claimed that it wasn’t hers but the judge didn’t believe her. The granny was sentenced to a two-year “good behavior bond.” Can you imagine if your grandma was busted selling weed?! Read more after the jump.



Apparently, you’re never too old to get busted for selling pot.

The Telegraph reports that 74-year-old great-grandma Noelene Edwards has been convicted of selling marijuana in Sydney, Australia, after she was arrested for having “a mound of individual-packed drug sachets in her handbag.”

Edwards told the court she had no idea how the drugs got in her bag. But the judge didn’t buy it, sentencing her to a two-year good behavior bond.

Apparently, a police dog alerted officers to the scent of marijuana while Edwards was walking down a street in Sydney last June, the Telegraph previously reported.

Police then searched the senior citizen’s bag and found the sacks of marijuana which, police say, Edwards suggested could have belonged to her son or his friends.

It is illegal to use, possess, grow or sell cannabis in Australia, according to the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre.

But grandmothers in Australia aren’t the only elderly citizens being prosecuted for pot. A Uniontown, Pa., grandma was busted for growing cannabis last month. The woman claimed she had been tricked into growing marijuana by a bearded stranger.