Citibank for iPad

Citibank double-charged some of its customers for months because of a technical glitch involving its iPad application, the bank acknowledged Friday.

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The duplicate charges started in July and continued until the bank discovered the problem and fixed it in December, spokesman Andrew Brent said. He said other mobile apps and the bank’s broader online billpayment system were unaffected by the problem.

All told, the bank said fewer than 2 percent of Citibank transactions executed through an iPad were counted twice. The bank didn’t disclose further details.

One of the commands of the iPad application was said to be mistakenly set to automatically retry a transaction if the mobile network failed to complete it on a first attempt.

Users must download the revised version of the application before signing in and using it.

The spokesman said Citi had reached out to clients who were affected to make sure their individual situations were resolved.

“We take seriously the functionality of our products and services as well as the satisfaction of our clients,” Brent said in a written statement.