Now this post isn’t about explaining anything NEW except for the Look, If you need to know How to Work TOut, Just Hit this Link, But if you want to see how it got better 1st, Hit the Jump!!!


So 1st I got the Update notification;

And after all the technicalness, I got to the NEW UI(User-Interface) and it’s kinda Clean, In the space to see what video’s you want to check out, they are tiled together tighter giving you more in a small space;

And when you go to your Profile, you see your video’s in the same tiled format, And I have to say I like it!!! It’s Cleaner, and makes it easier to get back to an older TOut, which was def an Issue for me, but Now it feels way better;

So I need to know if your feeling TOut, so find me on there @TatWza, Yess same name as my twitter, and If you put My name on Your TOut, I will mod Def Post it here on #IFWT, lol as long as it’s Not too negative!!