Can’t get enough of Twitter right? Well if you are using an Android device the Twitter app has been updated with some new features. Hit the jump to check them out before heading over the the Android Marketplace.




Shotta Dru on Google+

Twitter has been updated for Android, and includes some much welcomed features. After updating, you’ll notice that when swiping over a tweet, options to reply, retweet, favorite, or share instantly glide over. This is all without losing your place in your timeline; heavy twitter users are going to love this.

A “find friends” update has made its way over as well. It alerts the user that Twitter will be uploading your entire contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers over to see who all may have a Twitter account. Previously, there was no confirmation alert. With the recent Path scare some experienced, it’s better to let your users know what they’re getting themselves into.
Lastly, Twitter for Android is now optimized for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), the Kindle Fire, and the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color/Tablet. The update has already gone live, so head over to the Android Market to pick it up. If you’re not really interested in the new features, you’ll be glad to know the update has a few security improvements, new languages, and a many bug fixes as well.