I got an email, it said there is Now a social Network just for Black People!!! Now I know it’s Black History Month, But I’m a Techie, and Tech Has No Color, it’s either Good or Not, So let’s see what this Is, After the Jump.


So it’s Definitely Not Blackplanet.com, And Not really a social Network, but More of a Social Network connecter….It really takes a multitude of your Social Networks, like Twitter/facebook/Tumblr/Instagram/Linkdin, and watches them, and Updates their status, All at one time!! Now this is something people have kinda been asking for, it just happens that they are geared toward sharing amongst Black people, with things like “Cray”, and “Swag” as the url shortener!!! (You Will get 480 characters, instead of 140, and the shortener will help you post it to twitter).

Check it out, and let me know how you feel about it, Will you Let one Rule All just because it’s for Black people???


WhatgoingDown Website