Incase you didn’t know about #ViddyGate, The Video Scocial Network that seems to be on the same Track as Instagram(and some people have called it the ‘Video instagram’, But NOT a bad way to be recognized, as Instagram is POPPING!!), Viddy was pulled down from the App store due alleged explicit content, Is Back, and Viddy wants you to spread the Word, See How after the Jump!


I def don’t call it ‘Explicit Material’, I call it Women’s Self Expression, and Men’s Entertainment All at the Same time!! Like say Twerking!! But it seems as though some uptight person didn’t appreciate the Self expression and Asked Apple to shutdown the downloading, So Apple Did, BUT something else must have been acknowledged, like Freedom of Speech(Expression), And #ViddyIsBack!!

Viddy is asking that you Make a Creative Video, and Post it wit the Hashtag #ViddyIsBack and Post it around or by 1p Today(2/27/12) Morning! I don’t know why then, But Let’e support the best way we can, ANd I suggest if you can’t or Don’t have time to get this Done, at least find a Viddy that you like and Share it, Pass it around, and get the word out. Viddy’s Like these;

There is an App that could Help you be creative(S/O to CreativeSoulTV), an App called “Loop”;

Helped Me make My ‘Creative Video’: “I Can SEE #ViddyIsBack” S/O @YourFriendEvan”

Also, My Friend Evan asked Everybody to write a review for the App store, this can only Help!!