Damn, Kold world. Last night, while her ex was performing a major show, Tahiry and Knicks’ JR Smith set the Twitter world on fire. First, JR tweeted a remixed version of Drake’s Vanessa Bryant “diss” from Stay Schemin’: “She was wit me when I was shooting in the PARK!” he tweeted to his 63k followers. Innocent enough, right? Well, then Tahiry jumped in on the RT, adding, “I was …6yrs ago… Awwww, remember!!!” An exchange ensued, followed by JR tweeting a picture of Tahiry looking quite smitten (above), with the hashtag #KoldGame….as if he was PURPOSELY starting some trouble. Damn, and the Knicks are Joey’s favorite team?! He seems pretty happy with his current flame though, so maybe he won’t even care at all! Check out the tweets below.

Marisa Mendez (and for all things sports —> Sabrina B. @gametimegirl)