(Last year’s cover)

The XXL Freshmen cover has become a pretty big thing in hip-hop. The staff go over the dozens of newbies that entered the game in the past year and made a name for themselves, and handpick who they feel is going to be the next big thing(s) in the music industry. So far, they’ve been about 50/50 on their picks. Half make it big (Meek Mill, Wale, Big Sean, J. Cole), half kind of fade away into the abyss (OJ Tha Juiceman, Charles Hamilton, Blu). Time will only tell what will happen with their picks for this year! Find out who they are below and share your thoughts in the comments! Who should have been on there that isn’t? Who shouldn’t have been on there that is?

Marisa Mendez

Machine Gun Kelly
Danny Brown
Kid Ink
Roscoe Dash
Don Trip
Iggy Azalea
French Montana (yea Frenchieeee! It’s your year!!)